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What is STRIIT 

We are a group and personal training studio. We combine functional strength and cardio into great workouts to keep you energised and motivated.

Barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells... everything you need to develop an athletic-looking and  functionally strong body. New to lifting? No problem, our coaches will take you along.

Run, cycle, jump, turn your body into the ultimate machine by pushing your heart rate. Need a slower pace? Our coaches are here to ensure you progress at your own pace.

Every workout ends with a relaxing stretch so you can leave feeling even better. We take recovery seriously, that’s why our schedule includes yoga-inspired workouts to help you feel more flexible and mobile than ever.


At STRIIT, we know you are the person who wants to look and feel healthy. To be a better version of yourself, you’ll the need motivation, a fail-proof plan, and time. 

Unfortunately, life gets in the way, and finding the right direction isn’t always easy. If you ever felt like fighting a losing battle, you’re not alone. We understand how it feels to be haunted by unachieved goals. However, we believe you should have-it-all.
And that’s why we offer you everything you need to succeed under comprehensive group and personal coaching services. 

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